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TomTom selling speed profiles through TeleAtlas

TeleAtlas is selling speed profile data as collected by TomTom (devices) as reported by O’Reilly Radar.

TomTom devices have been collecting tracking data. This data is sent back to the company when new map data is uploaded to the device (can this be true?).

TomTom has been using this data to calculate speed profiles (dynamic travel time maps), i.e., what is the typical speed on a piece of road depending (i) on the time of the day and (ii) the day of the week!

Essentially, TomTom has been collecting historic FCD from “its” vehicle fleet (and large numbers of those) to compute such typical speeds for the roads. Given the clout of the company, these data will really be of use to provide more accurate routing solutions.

Similar approaches are underway from NAVTEQ! Stay tuned!

Btw., has Google missed this trend or will the data collection be an Android feature?

Google Maps Traffic Prediction

As lifehacker reports Similar to Windows Live Maps’ traffic-based directions, Google Maps releases its own traffic predictions!

The interface is pretty similar to what is being developed in TNT, i.e., providing a slider to produce future travel times probably based on historic information.

The predictions are based on past traffic at those times, similar to Windows Live Maps, but the option to choose your travel time and get predictions based on when you’re heading out put Google Maps’ traffic predictions one up on Windows Live Maps.

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maps.live.com has “intelligent” traffic jam information

Microsoft introduces traffic jam notification in maps.live.com as reported by the NT Times.

From what is understood, machine learning algorithms were applied to GPS tracking data (our years of data and 16,500 discrete trips covering over 125,000 miles) to come up with a decent model!

Would be interesting to use those algorithms on the TNT approach!

GPS tracking & traffic info for and by everybody

DASH Express GPS is an upcoming product that utilizes crowds moving as traffic sensors. The approach is very similar to what is done in TNT, with the difference that the comsumer/user of navigation devices acts also a FCD sensor, i.e., each unit is basically a two-way pager, it records the traffic you experience and shares it with others!

The stats to have such a system work are the same as in our case, >2000 vehicles for major (pop >1.5M) is a must in terms of penetration to have decent traffic assessment!

This GIZMODO article tries to shed more light on the specific approach.

TomTom Traffic information

TomTom announced an online traffic information channel for its navigator devices. The One XL HD Traffic service provides continuously updated traffic information based on mobile phone tracking data and third party providers (could this be GPS tracking data based?).

Interesting service, any angle on the quality?

Project brochure available

The TRACK&TRADE project brochure is available on the respective page and as a pdf download.

Encyclopedia of GIS publication

Three entries (Dynamic Travel Time Maps, Floating Car Data, and Map-Matching) for the Encyclopedia of GIS, Sh. Shekhar, H. Xiong (Eds.), Springer Verlag, to appear 2008, were authored by the project partners.

The entries are available for download on the publications page.

Deliverables available

Two project deliverables relating to (i) floating car data collection and (ii) map-matching algorithms are available on the publications page for download.

History speed types in routing action!

Tele Atlas has deployed a system that uses historic traffic data (FCD) collected from commercial vehicle fleets over a period of two years to provide improved routing services.

The project is close to what TRACK&TRADE will be achieving in that historic FCD is analyzed to derive dynamic travel times. TRACK&TRADE additionally will provide a current data feedback channel, i.e., not relying solely on historic data but also on current FCD.

The Tele Atlas system is based on technology developed by Inrix, a startup company based in Kirkland, WA.

Foreground Knowledge, Publications

Publications showcasing some foreground knowledge for the project contributed by the partners have been added. PS or PDF version will be available for download.